wxGTK - wxWidgets toolkit for GTK

Property Value
Distribution Slackware Current
Repository Slackel x86_64
Package name wxGTK
Package version
Package release 3dj
Package architecture x86_64
Package type txz
Installed size 20.81 MB
Download size 5.20 MB
Official Mirror www.slackel.gr
wxWidgets lets developers create applications for Win32, Mac OS X,
GTK+, X11, Motif, WinCE, and more using one codebase. It can be used
from languages such as C++, Python, Perl, and C#/.NET. Unlike other
cross-platform toolkits, wxWidgets applications look and feel native.
This is because wxWidgets uses the platform's own native controls
rather than emulating them. It's also extensive, free, open-source,
and mature.
This package is built with GTK+2.0 and compatible with wxPython.


Package Version Architecture Repository
wxGTK- i486 Slackel
wxGTK-2.8.12-i486-3_nhh.tgz 2.8.12 i486 Niels Horn
wxGTK-2.8.12-x86_64-3_nhh.tgz 2.8.12 x86_64 Niels Horn
wxGTK-2.8.12-i486-2alien.tgz 2.8.12 i486 Alien Bob
wxGTK-2.8.12-x86_64-2alien.tgz 2.8.12 x86_64 Alien Bob
wxGTK-2.8.12-i486-1_nhh.tgz 2.8.12 i486 Niels Horn
wxGTK-2.8.12-x86_64-1_nhh.tgz 2.8.12 x86_64 Niels Horn
wxGTK-2.8.11-i486-1_nhh.tgz 2.8.11 i486 Niels Horn
wxGTK-2.8.11-x86_64-1_nhh.tgz 2.8.11 x86_64 Niels Horn
wxGTK-2.8.10-i486-1_nhh.tgz 2.8.10 i486 Niels Horn
wxGTK-2.8.10-x86_64-1_nhh.tgz 2.8.10 x86_64 Niels Horn
wxGTK - - -


Name Value
GConf -
atk -
bzip2 -
cairo -
dbus -
dbus-glib -
expat -
fontconfig -
freetype -
gcc -
gcc-g++ -
gdk-pixbuf2 -
glib2 -
glu -
gst-plugins-base0 -
gstreamer0 -
gtk+2 -
harfbuzz -
libICE -
libSM -
libX11 -
libXau -
libXcomposite -
libXcursor -
libXdamage -
libXdmcp -
libXext -
libXfixes -
libXi -
libXinerama -
libXrandr -
libXrender -
libXxf86vm -
libdrm -
libffi -
libjpeg-turbo -
libpng -
libtiff -
libxcb -
libxml2 -
libxshmfence -
mesa -
pango -
pixman -
sdl -
svgalib -
util-linux -
xz -
zlib -


Type URL
Binary Package wxGTK-
Source Package unknown

Install Howto

  1. Download wxGTK-
  2. Install wxGTK txz package:
    # upgradepkg --install-new wxGTK-

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