enum34 - Python 3.4 Enum backported to 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 2.7, 2.6, 2.5, and 2.4

Property Value
Distribution Slackware 14.2
Repository SlackPack i486
Package name enum34
Package version 1.1.6
Package release 1gds
Package architecture i586
Package type txz
Installed size 330.00 KB
Download size 51.00 KB
Official Mirror ftp.sotirov-bg.net
An enumeration is a set of symbolic names (members) bound to unique,
constant values. Within an enumeration, the members can be compared
by identity, and the enumeration itself can be iterated over.
Packaged by Georgi D. Sotirov <gdsotirov@dir.bg>


Package Version Architecture Repository
enum34-1.1.6-i586-1ponce.txz 1.1.6 i586 Ponce
enum34-1.1.6-x86_64-1ponce.txz 1.1.6 x86_64 Ponce
enum34-1.1.6-x86_64-1gds.txz 1.1.6 x86_64 SlackPack
enum34-1.1.6-i586-1_slonly.txz 1.1.6 i586 Slackonly
enum34-1.1.6-x86_64-1_slonly.txz 1.1.6 x86_64 Slackonly
enum34-1.1.2-i586-1dj.txz 1.1.2 i586 Slackel
enum34-1.1.2-x86_64-1dj.txz 1.1.2 x86_64 Slackel
enum34 - - -


Name Value
python >= 2.7


Type URL
Binary Package enum34-1.1.6-i586-1gds.txz
Source Package unknown

Install Howto

  1. Download enum34-1.1.6-i586-1gds.txz
  2. Install enum34 txz package:
    # upgradepkg --install-new enum34-1.1.6-i586-1gds.txz

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