flpsed - WYSIWYG PostScript annotator

Property Value
Distribution Slackware 14.2
Repository Slackonly i486
Package filename flpsed-0.7.3-i586-1_slonly.txz
Package name flpsed
Package version 0.7.3
Package release 1_slonly
Package architecture i586
Package type txz
Homepage -
License -
Maintainer -
Download size 44.00 KB
Installed size 130.00 KB
flpsed is a WYSIWYG PostScript annotator.  You can't remove or modify
existing elements of a document, but flpsed lets you add arbitrary
text lines to existing PostScript documents.  Added lines can later
be reedited with flpsed.  Using pdftops, which is part of xpdf, one
can convert PDF documents to PostScript and also add text to them.
flpsed is useful for filling in forms, adding notes, etcetera.
Homepage: http://www.flpsed.org/flpsed.html


Package Version Architecture Repository
flpsed-0.7.3-x86_64-1_slonly.txz 0.7.3 x86_64 Slackonly
flpsed - - -


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fltk -


Type URL
Mirror packages.slackonly.com
Binary Package flpsed-0.7.3-i586-1_slonly.txz
Source Package -

Install Howto

  1. Download flpsed-0.7.3-i586-1_slonly.txz
  2. Install flpsed txz package:
    # upgradepkg --install-new flpsed-0.7.3-i586-1_slonly.txz



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