psutil - python interface for process and system info

Distribution: Slackware 14.2
Repository: Slackel i486
Package name: psutil
Package version: 5.2.0
Package release: 1dj
Package architecture: i586
Package type: txz
Installed size: 988.00 KB
Download size: 247.00 KB
Official Mirror:
psutil is a module providing an interface for retrieving information on all running processes and system utilization (CPU, memory, disks, network, users) in a portable way by using Python, implementing many functionalities offered by command line tools such as: ps, top, df, kill, free, lsof, netstat, ifconfig, nice, ionice, iostat, iotop, uptime, pidof, tty, who, taskset, and pmap Homepage:


    Binary package: psutil-5.2.0-i586-1dj.txz
    Source package: unknown

    Install Howto

    1. Download psutil-5.2.0-i586-1dj.txz
    2. Install psutil txz package:
      # upgradepkg --install-new psutil-5.2.0-i586-1dj.txz