sourcery - a GTK+2 frontend to slapt-src

Property Value
Distribution Slackware 14.2
Repository Salix i486
Package name sourcery
Package version 0.9.6
Package release 1gv
Package architecture noarch
Package type txz
Installed size 320.00 KB
Download size 80.00 KB
Official Mirror
Sourcery is a graphical frontend to the slapt-src utility. It can be
used to build and install packages from SlackBuild and/or SLKBUILD


Package Version Architecture Repository
sourcery-0.9.6-noarch-2dj.txz 0.9.6 noarch Slackel
sourcery-0.9.6-noarch-2dj.txz 0.9.6 noarch Slackel
sourcery-0.9.6-noarch-1gv.txz 0.9.6 noarch Salix
sourcery - - -


Name Value
pygtk -
pysimpleconfig -
python -
slapt-src -
terminus-font -
vte -


Type URL
Binary Package sourcery-0.9.6-noarch-1gv.txz
Source Package unknown

Install Howto

  1. Download sourcery-0.9.6-noarch-1gv.txz
  2. Install sourcery txz package:
    # upgradepkg --install-new sourcery-0.9.6-noarch-1gv.txz

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