xf86-input-wacom - driver for Wacom tablets

Property Value
Distribution Slackware 14.1
Repository Slackware i486
Package filename xf86-input-wacom-0.19.0-i486-4.txz
Package name xf86-input-wacom
Package version 0.19.0
Package release 4
Package architecture i486
Package type txz
Homepage -
License -
Maintainer -
Download size 84.00 KB
Installed size 250.00 KB
This package provides the X.Org X11 driver for Wacom and Wacom-like
tablets.  It obsoletes the linuxwacom driver and supports X server
versions 1.7 and higher. Server versions lower than 1.7 may be
supported by this driver, but users are encouraged to use the old
linuxwacom driver instead.


Package Version Architecture Repository
xf86-input-wacom-0.19.0-x86_64-4.txz 0.19.0 x86_64 Slackware
xf86-input-wacom - - -


Type URL
Mirror slackware.cs.utah.edu
Binary Package xf86-input-wacom-0.19.0-i486-4.txz
Source Package -

Install Howto

  1. Download xf86-input-wacom-0.19.0-i486-4.txz
  2. Install xf86-input-wacom txz package:
    # upgradepkg --install-new xf86-input-wacom-0.19.0-i486-4.txz



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