gl2ps - OpenGL to PostScript printing library

Property Value
Distribution Slackware 14.1
Repository Slackonly x86_64
Package name gl2ps
Package version 1.3.7
Package release 1_slack
Package architecture x86_64
Package type txz
Installed size 520.00 KB
Download size 224.00 KB
Official Mirror
GL2PS is a C library providing high quality vector output for any
OpenGL application. The main difference between GL2PS and other
similar libraries is the use of sorting algorithms capable of handling
intersecting and stretched polygons, as well as non manifold objects.


Package Version Architecture Repository
gl2ps-1.3.8-i486-1gds.txz 1.3.8 i486 SlackPack
gl2ps-1.3.8-x86_64-1gds.txz 1.3.8 x86_64 SlackPack
gl2ps-1.3.7-i486-1_slack.txz 1.3.7 i486 Slackonly
gl2ps-1.3.7-i486-1_nhh.tgz 1.3.7 i486 Niels Horn
gl2ps-1.3.7-x86_64-1_nhh.tgz 1.3.7 x86_64 Niels Horn
gl2ps-1.3.5-i486-1_nhh.tgz 1.3.5 i486 Niels Horn
gl2ps-1.3.5-x86_64-1_nhh.tgz 1.3.5 x86_64 Niels Horn
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Type URL
Binary Package gl2ps-1.3.7-x86_64-1_slack.txz
Source Package unknown

Install Howto

  1. Download gl2ps-1.3.7-x86_64-1_slack.txz
  2. Install gl2ps txz package:
    # upgradepkg --install-new gl2ps-1.3.7-x86_64-1_slack.txz



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