MP3Diags - Qt4 MP3 Repair Tool

Property Value
Distribution Slackware 13.37
Repository Slacky i486
Package name MP3Diags
Package version
Package release 1sl
Package architecture i486
Package type txz
Installed size 3.29 MB
Download size 1.13 MB
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MP3 Diags  is a GUI-based  application  that  allows  end-users  to
identify issues  with  their MP3 files, fix  some of the issues and
make other changes, like adding track information. It also lets you
"look inside" an MP3 file.


Package Version Architecture Repository
MP3Diags - - -


Name Value
boost >= 1.45.0-i486-1
cxxlibs >= 6.0.14-i486-1
expat >= 2.0.1-i486-2
fontconfig >= 2.8.0-i486-1
freetype >= 2.4.4-i486-1
gcc >= 4.5.2-i486-2
gcc-g++ >= 4.5.2-i486-2
glib2 >= 2.28.6-i486-1
glibc-solibs >= 2.13-i486-4
libICE >= 1.0.7-i486-1
libSM >= 1.2.0-i486-1
libX11 >= 1.4.3-i486-2
libXau >= 1.0.6-i486-1
libXdmcp >= 1.1.0-i486-1
libXext >= 1.2.0-i486-1
libXrender >= 0.9.6-i486-1
libpng >= 1.4.5-i486-1
libxcb >= 1.7-i486-1
qt >= 4.7.0_7abde40-i486-3
util-linux >= 2.19-i486-1
zlib >= 1.2.5-i486-4


Type URL
Binary Package MP3Diags-
Source Package unknown

Install Howto

  1. Download MP3Diags-
  2. Install MP3Diags txz package:
    # upgradepkg --install-new MP3Diags-



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