e-uae - an emulator for the Commodore Amiga

Property Value
Distribution Slackware 13.37
Repository Salix i486
Package name e-uae
Package version 0.8.29.wip4
Package release 1gv
Package architecture i486
Package type txz
Installed size 2.79 MB
Download size 714.00 KB
Official Mirror download.salixos.org
E-UAE is a version of UAE, the Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator, with an
emulation core largely based on WinUAE. It attempts to bring many of
the great features of WinUAE to non-Windows platforms. E-UAE is
open-source software and is made available under the terms of the GNU
To make full use of E-UAE you will need access to an image of some
version of the Amiga Kickstart ROM (although UAE does include a ROM
emulation which may work with some old games). The Amiga Kickstart
ROMs are copyrighted material and may not be freely distributed.


Package Version Architecture Repository
e-uae-0.8.29.wip4-x86_64-1gv.txz 0.8.29.wip4 x86_64 Salix
e-uae - - -


Name Value
atk -
cairo -
cxxlibs -
expat -
fontconfig -
freetype -
gcc -
gcc-g++ -
gdk-pixbuf2 -
glib2 -
gtk+2 -
libX11 -
libXau -
libXcomposite -
libXcursor -
libXdamage -
libXdmcp -
libXext -
libXfixes -
libXi -
libXinerama -
libXrandr -
libXrender -
libXxf86vm -
libdrm -
libpng -
libxcb -
mesa -
pango -
pixman -
sdl -
svgalib -
zlib -


Type URL
Binary Package e-uae-0.8.29.wip4-i486-1gv.txz
Source Package unknown

Install Howto

  1. Download e-uae-0.8.29.wip4-i486-1gv.txz
  2. Install e-uae txz package:
    # upgradepkg --install-new e-uae-0.8.29.wip4-i486-1gv.txz

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